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Live events are one of the best ways to get out there and meet new customers while introducing your company’s product line. People look forward to attending live events, often marking them in their calendars months in advance. They get to see your products in action, view hands-on demonstrations and meet key people in your company.



Marketing with a live screen printing event is effective because it provides two points of contact: the event itself, and a memorable giveaway. By selecting their own design, not only does the potential client get to participate in the creative process, they get to leave with something they actually want, rather than just another novelty pen or notepad.



With live event screen printing, people really get the chance to be involved in the process in a way that not many other forms of marketing offer. With live screen printing, people can actually decide everything about the finished product. These things will include what the design is, where the design is, the color of the design, and if they are feeling adventurous, the chance to actually print the design themselves.



Next to a great product, brand awareness is certainly one of the next most important things for an organization. You do not just want people thinking about your brand during an event; you want these thoughts to be sustained long after the event has come and gone. The ways that you can raise brand awareness through live screen-printing are really only limited by your imagination.


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Free Giveaway

We love free stuff. You love free stuff. Everybody remembers when they get a free giveaway, but we’re taking that positive engagement to the next step. With a live screen printing event, not only are you offering your guests a unique, personalized gift, you’re giving them an experience to remember. Live screen printing is interactive entertainment that will help them remember your brand long after the event is over.

Yes, people love free samples and giveaways—but meaningful, positive engagement makes all the difference when it comes to customer retention. Live screen printing events are a great way to show your attendees they are appreciated, whether you are hosting an event for clients, donors, employees, or friends and family. The event is performed by dedicated professionals who put on a fun and interactive show.

Work with our team to develop up to ten T-shirt designs. These can commemorate the event itself, or reflect something about your brand, values or cause. Whatever the reason for your event, your guests will have a great time and walk away with a personalized gift that will keep them talking for months to come. Their customized T-shirt will be a great memento for both the event itself and your brand identity.

If you hand out 1,000 shirts and people don’t remember where they got it or why, it just becomes another article of clothing sitting in the back of the closet. Get your guests excited about their gift by making them part of the creative process. The end product will be something they’ll be proud to wear, and proud to share where it came from.

Live Screen Printing At Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great place to meet potential clients and customers—but it can be tough to get their attention. Competition among booths and vendors is fierce. Live screen printing offers a great solution for attracting potential customers by engaging them in designing their own shirt on demand.

Outdoor Events


Outdoor events can be tricky to manage. Guests come and go, and with so many other vendors competing for their attention, your giveaway or promotional item might get lost in the crowd.

There are many ways to get people engaged quickly, but you want them to stick around as long as possible. The longer they stay at your booth, the more likely they will be to remember you and your brand.

Live, on-site screen printing is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Have you even seen 500 people line up to watch a mobile screen print team in action? We have! We do it all the time. Give us a call and we will help you attract dozens of potential clients and customers at your next concert, trade show or conference.

Screen Printing for Corporate Events

Do you know which promotional products are most effective? We do! T-shirts are always at the top of the list. People wear them, people remember them and people will always jump at the opportunity to shell out money for them—all for the privilege of wearing a brand.

Just ask any NASCAR fan—they’re some of the biggest brand loyalists in the world. They’re proud to purchase and display the NASCAR logo. They buy promotional T-shirts with a company’s advertising and then, as a walking billboard, they proudly present that brand to the world.

Attaining that kind of brand loyalty gets you the best of both worlds—profits and exposure. Of course, it takes some time to build up that level of recognition and following, but we can help you get started right now. Invite us to set up a live screen printing booth at your next corporate event and we will help you get your brand out there where more people can see it.

At a live screen printing event, our experienced staff of screen printers will arrive with the latest screen printing equipment as well a complete stock of T-shirts. We will bring a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors so your event attendees can choose the exact T-shirt they want to go home with. In addition, our talented graphic designers will prepare your logo and advertising text or slogan in several different formats. Your potential customers line up at the screen printing booth to choose their own custom T-shirt.

Live screen printing events are one of the few marketing concepts that allows customers to custom order a T-shirt. With our live events, people get to be hands on and enjoy being a part of the printing process. Not only can they choose their own colors and sizes of shirts, they can also make the final decision as to how many prints on each shirt, the colors of each print and where the design will be positioned. Our equipment is able to handle printing on the front of the T-shirt as well as on the back. People love this concept because they get to be involved in the screen printing process from start to finish. It makes them especially proud to wear a printed shirt that they were involved in creating.

If T-shirts aren’t your deal, you can choose from a wide array of other textile products. We can bring specialty printing items such as hats or bags for your customers to choose from. Any item you order will be available for custom printing at your corporate event. We will provide a variety of designs for the customer to choose from, according to the size and shape of each item.

When preparing for a corporate event, some companies are used to ordering specialty printing items the old fashioned way. They estimate how many people will pour through their booth during the days of the event and calculate how many T-shirts, hats or bags they might give away. According to those figures, they go to a local screen-printer and order a set number of printed items to be ready for the big day. So here’s the problem. First off, they need to order large quantities to get the best prices. However, if for instance they order 1,000, 2,000 or 5,000 printed T-shirts in specific colors and sizes, then the event participant has no choice in choosing the style, the specific design or the color scheme. It’s take what you get. Hopefully the customers will love the styles the company chose and go home with them. But, at the end of the event the company is stuck with any T-shirts with specialized printing that are left over. So if that company printed up 2,000 T-shirts with the event slogan and gave away only 1,000 printed T-shirts, then the client is left with the excess. Screen printing promotional items ahead of the event can end up being quite expensive. The flip side to that scenario is if your booth is swamped with potential customers you might run out of promo items to hand out before the event is over.

The waste and added expense of items not given away is what has increased the popularity of live screen-printing at corporate events. With our live printing, you pay only for what you use. Don’t worry – we will come equipped with a full stock and range of T-shirts and other promotional items, but we don’t decide how many to print. Each printed T-shirt is a custom order designed by your clients.

What do you get out of providing this exceptional opportunity for your clients? You get the added value of brand recognition. The more your client loves the custom shirt or item with your brand’s logo, the more it will be worn and seen. In this way, you get increased exposure for your own company. Moreover, you can increase your client retention rate by gearing the specialty items and printing designs specifically to the clientele that will be attending the event.

Increase your customer base, hang on to your present clients and watch event attendees line up at your booth to get a custom printed T-shirt or bag. Just give us a call. We’ll tell you about all the ways live events can help you promote your products.

Exciting Atmosphere

One of our core objectives here at Rival Events is not just to create quality T-shirts, but to give you a quality event experience. Most people have never been to an event that features live screen printing. Once they have, they’ll be sure to remember how exciting, original and interactive it was. They’ll be talking about it for months after—and every time they put on their awesome, custom-printed shirt!

Customer Sign Ups


Live events are a great place to get your company’s name out there. Attendees love making contacts and checking out new products—but most of all, they love getting free advertising goodies.

Upon entering the event, they typically go from booth to booth, checking out the giveaway selection. T-shirts are consistently among the most popular items. Unlike a bag, which may or may not get used, a pen that gets lost or used up quickly, or a keychain that no one else will see, T-shirts with your company logo are proudly worn to work, shopping, walking the dog or to little league games. Whatever your company’s message is, it goes farther on a printed T-shirt.

Remember the days when you had to order a minimum of 1,000 printed T-shirts? With on-site live event printing, there is no waste and no fuss. We come with blank shirts and leave with any unprinted extras. You don’t have any excess shirts to buy, and no leftover inventory to worry about. We will work with you prior to the event to come up with up to ten design options, and our equipment prints up to six colors to give your customers plenty of variety.

But you don’t have to just give away your printed T-shirts! Get something in return for your specialty advertising dollars by offering on-site screen printing services. Customers will flock to a booth so they can watch a live screen printing event in progress and get a free customized shirt of their very own. Take advantage of all that traffic by collecting their name and contact information. They walk away with a free branded T-shirt and you get to collect dozens of leads to grow your prospective database. Since the shirt will be a design and color the customer chose themselves, chances are much higher they’ll wear it again and again.

Offering on-site printing at live events helps you not only grow your customer list, it will help you retain customers as well. With their contact details in your database, you can send them emails and engage them on social media sites. With targeted social media posts, you can announce new products, upcoming events and special deals.