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Las Vegas, Nevada Live Screen Printing

Event & Live Screen Printing in San Francisco California

The month of March saw the Rival Screen Printing team in San Francisco, California for two live events, where we ran two live screen printing marathons for visitors. We enjoyed our time at the Moscone Center in the "City by the Bay" for the annual RSA Conference (February 29 - March 4th, 2016), and then again for the 30th edition of the annual Game Developer's Conference (GDC), March 14 - 18, 2016.

The RSA Conference is a conference revolving around data security, and which helps drive the information security agenda worldwide with annual industry events in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and the GDC is the world's largest and longest-running professionals-only game industry event.

Conferences such as the ones we attended in "the Golden Gate City" last month are excellent occasions to hold a live screen printing t-shirt event! Imagine sending your guests home, all with personalized t-shirts to remind them not only of the great time they had with you at your event, but also to remind them of your brand - at one point, we counted well over 800 personalized custom screen printed t-shirts that we'd done at the GDC conference! And that was just that one day!

If you're always looking to improve your marketing plan, you need to consider investing in customized apparel, screen printed or embroidered, with your company name and logo. 

It also works amazingly well with your employees, in building a sense of camaraderie and being part of a winning team, when you have customized apparel with your team name and logo screen printed or embroidered.

Live Screen Printing (a.k.a., event screen printing and on-site screen printing) is what it sounds like: lots of fun for you and your event guests! We show up at your event, with our top-notch screen printing equipment, and we print custom t-shirts, whatever your guests request, right there on the spot. They choose their shirt, the color, designs, and layout - and then they get to watch us create their personalized and unique shirt. We have the best art and graphic design team to back us up, and we can make your event one that your guests talk about for a long time to come. Custom logos and designs are also part of what we do, to help us with your business branding efforts. Virtually all large and successful companies make the investment in getting their brand out there, so why shouldn't you? 

Rival Screen Printing is proud of its track record of helping companies create engaging marketing strategies through live screen printing, event management, and apparel lines.

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